Opulent Eid Paper Confetti – 10g

Original price was: £3.99.Current price is: £2.99.

  • A great addition to your Eid celebration decor
  • Made of paper stars in gold, blue, teal, and purple
  • Conveniently sold in a 10g pack
  • Easy to sprinkle on your tables and surfaces during your Eid celebration
  • Adds a festive touch to your celebration tables
  • A stylish and convenient way to decorate during Eid
  • Overall, the Opulent Eid Paper Confetti is an excellent choice for stylish and convenient table decoration during Eid.
  • We stock a full range of Eid decorations & party ideas here.
Opulent Eid Paper Confetti
Opulent Eid Paper Confetti – 10g
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