Children’s party bag toys for boys!  Whether you need a Football themed party bag filler or a sporty BasketBall Party Bag Fillers or something more prehistoric like a dinosaur themed party bag fillers or just a bug, insect or spider themed party bag fillers our party bag fillers will be exactly what you need.  We rather like the construction toys for party bags, including cars, lorries, trucks and digger themed party bag toys, or the more scary party bag toys ideal for Halloween and winter parties, especially the glow in the dark party bag toys.  We also stock boys stationery for party bags and school, with the bouncy balls being still the number one party bag fillers in the last 10 years!.  So if you are looking for a party bag toy that flies, squishies, splats or simply does something interesting then try our boys themed party bag toys. Bulk discounts available on our boy themed party bag fillers

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Ninja Turtles Half Shell Heroes Party Supplies

Ninja Turtles Party Favour Bucket – each


Army Camo Soldier Party

Army Parachute Men (Pk 4)


Winnie The Pooh Party

Googley Eye Rings (Pk 4)


In The Night Garden Party

Jumping Frogs (Pk 10)


Gruffalo Party Supplies

Rubber Snake – 97cm

Out of stock

Super Mario Kart Party

Super Mario Pencils (Pk 12)


In The Night Garden Party

Warbling Water Bird (each)


Little Mermaid Party

Water Pistols (Pk 8)


Henry HuggleMonster Party

Winners Award Medals (Pk 12)


This is Epic Party

stretchy alien EACH


Racing Car Grand Prix Checked Flag Party

Racing Cars pencils with erasers (Pk 12)

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Boys Party bag Toys

Ben 10 Sticker Sheet – each

£1.91 £1.00

Army Camo Soldier Party

Camouflage Dog Tags (Pk 12)


Super Mario Kart Party

Clicking Camera EACH


Circus Themed Party



Jurassic Park World Party

Dinosaur Biff Bat EACH


Dinosaur Prehistoric Party

Dinosaurs Pens EACH


Discontinued Party Supplies

Duck Quacker EACH

£0.34 £0.25

Dennis The Menace Party

Pair of giant ears


Racing Car Grand Prix Checked Flag Party

Racing Flags – handheld Each, 10cm x 15cm, plastic


The Secret Life Of Pets Party Supplies

Small Bouncy Balls EACH