Diggin for Dinosaurs themed party supplies and a bit of trivia for your friends – Did you know the biggest dinosaur to date is the bruthathkayosaurua! At an estimated 44 metres long, we figured thats about 220 Dinosaur paper plates end to end! Do you have a budding archaeologist in your house – then this is the perfect party for them. The wonderful and reasonably priced Diggin for dinosaur party supplies feature as true to life as possible images of dinosaurs on an archeology theme – there’s amazing dinosaur helium balloons and dinosaur decorations for your dinosaur party plus brilliant dinosaur accessories that include a mini excavation kit and even a magnifying glass – perfect for any dinosaur fan. Of course the must have Dinosaur plates, square in this range, paper cups and napkins, order enough to wrap your Dinosaur birthday cake too are in stock too

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