Unicorn AirLoonz Balloon -55″ Tall


  • Made of Foil
  • Designed with self-sealing valves and to be inflated with air only.
  • The balloon will not float if inflated with helium
  • 1 x AirLoonz balloons & Foil Base Balloons
  • The AirLoonz has 2 inflation points –  One in the top part of the balloon and one in the base. AirLoonz can be inflated using the straw provided or a balloon pump.
  • Includes an elastic strap to hold the display together
  • Use a balloon weight or any household item to weigh down to stabilise.
  • 55″ tall
  • Brilliant statement piece
  • Instructions included
  • Each
Unicorn AirLoonz Balloon
Unicorn AirLoonz Balloon -55″ Tall
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